Sharing Campus Activities at #AGUPP18

This morning, three Airbus partner universities were invited to share their innovative campus activities at #AGUPP2018.

Pieter Vinken, A350 Chief Engineering Head of Configuration and Integration, and Femke Verdegaal, Coordinator External Affairs, represented TU Delft, presenting their SMART Tyre project. Based on the idea that physically working together fosters better long-term relationships, TU Delft University Researchers and Students combined with Airbus to test their academic skills in the “real word”. Together, they developed a laser system able to determine the level of wear on aircraft tyres, whilst detecting anomalies and predicting tyre failure. Airbus were also able to test their Teratyre rigs at TU Delft facilities and provide students with industry insight. Pippa Vossen, a participating Aerospace Engineering Student from TU Delft said, “This collaboration gives me hands on experience with cutting edge innovation”.

Praveen Kumar Voona, Head of Employment and Employment Marketing for Airbus India and Professor Ranjan Ganguli of the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, presented the Pravega Festival. The Pravega Festival is an annual science and cultural festival organised by the Indian Institute of Science, featuring events such as Decoherence and the Hackathon. Sponsored by Airbus, the event aims to drive collaboration between researchers and investors with workshops in diverse field, ranging from cyber security to automobile engines.

Representing the Technical University of Madrid and fellow Spanish universities was Hania Angelina Fernandez, Business Innovator Manager and David Aguiar Rodriguez, Systems Engineer, presenting Aula Airbus and the Airbus Café. Together, Airbus and its partner Spanish Universities aim to foster out-of-the-box business and disruptive concepts, experimenting with new technologies and embracing digital transformation. To adapt to the quickly evolving aerospace industry, the objective of the projects is to work in “start-up mode”, encouraging student participants from all disciplines to ensure fast prototyping and agile development.

These pioneering initiatives are just some of those launched and developed by the #AGUPP community and have contributed towards reaching over 44,000 students across the globe to develop the talent pipeline and prepare the tech and engineering professionals of the future for industry.


  • Praveen Kumar VOONA

    Great Discussions, a three way communication between Employement Marketing, Business and Universities.

  • very interesting !!
    keep us posted and congratulations for this big milestone –> Airbus AGUPP in CHINA!!!

  • Kimble Woodworth

    AGUPP teams inspiring AGUPP teams. A key step to growing together for even more meaningful and impactful initiatives with our partner students and alumni! Thanks to all of you for your energy and efforts to give back and make others grow.


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